Beauty is fleeting, the heart is forever

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Taylor Kyleen

est. April 96
Beauty is everywhere, especially in the ugliest souls.
May peace be with you && ROCK THE FUCK OUT

I love everyone, and live with no enemies, but i dont trust you either. nor will i let you in far enough to hurt me. I am madly in love, 022412 :) everyone has their stories, dont judge anyone until you heard theirs. and even then, keep your mind open. I care for anyone and everyone but myself and i wouldnt have it any other way. I find myself a little more and more each year, and it is the most astonishing thing to experience. too bad ive destroyed my body for a piece of mind i never got. my mind is so open to this world, you have to be. A closed mind gets no where in this life. open your mind, see the world for what it truly is. dont waste your time hating, spend your time loving. i know it may not seem like it but without pain, we might as well not have feelings.

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Oct 9 2011
 ilovethisbecause WE ALL LOOK HORRIBLE.

ilovethisbecause WE ALL LOOK HORRIBLE.